sweet summertime

The pool is still rather cold, hovering at 74F, but it’s obviously summer. I never want to leave it.

Cactus flower 1 Garden says summer

I did myself a solid and have in fact taken the day completely off to swim, and weave vines, and clean house, open all of my mail, and go grocery shopping. That doesn’t sound like a total day off, but it’s the best I can do. I’m beading a new piece for the book, too, but that’s what I call fun.

I’ll slot in an afternoon nap, though, so it feels like a real Saturday.

Just look at that pretty sky.


4 thoughts on “sweet summertime

  1. Oh. That’s beyond lovely. I just want to be there, in the pool. With a cold beverage waiting on the side table. Sigh.

    • Yeah! I’ll go out and swim for you right now. Is it too early to have champagne? I forgot I’d put back a bottle for Mother’s Day mimosas.

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