Alexander and Orangelina are hanging out on the wall together, and she is getting nice and orange (and frankly looks knocked up already) and he has his fab blue belly on.

Alexander and Orangelina 2013

Dragonflies have started.


And I crack up every time I see this guy with the badly taped box ready to ship, featured heavily on the PayPal site.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.47.58 AM

I’ve started a new piece, inspired by a bangle by Vee Pretorius. When I opened the box of new beads, I just couldn’t stand it. I had to use them.



8 thoughts on “Yeah!

  1. I enjoy so very much reading the comments you receive from everywhere. I do wish people would include their locations so I can know if I should plant a plumeria in MN or are the zones incompatible. And I do thank them for sending you those magnificent beaded eye candy creations.

  2. Hi Kate and everone—it’s several days after the last comment (eons ago, I know) but I couldn’t resist piling on the ridiculous paypal homepage picture. Clearly, it’s an empty box. Even the model looks embarrassed, as well he should.

    Also, a brag/salute to the sudden influx of spring here in the pacific NW. We had a cold spring, then a mighty fast catch-up lately. I witnessed a real live butterfly and a real live hummingbird last week. Not only that, the bats are back and vaccuuming up the mosquitoes all night every night. Major change of season was also heralded by my ability to do beadwork outdoors. Yowwwwwzzzzzaaaaaaaa!

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