Zigging along

The sun peeked out so I ran outside and got a few more shots of the Zigged Wing in progress.

There are a few test sections you can see, like the small band of mixed colour at the edge of the blue point. I always swatch if I have questions, and it can be done directly onto a piece in progress, or on a maquette.

ZigWing in process, Kate McKinnon, CGB Vol II, 2013

I’ve just begun to raise a third set of peaks at the edge of the hot side. This is done by suddenly substituting an increase for a decrease in the Rick-Rack. If you look below, at the far right peak (edge of the frame) you can see that until this round, the red peaks came down to normally decreasing Rick-Rack segments.

But for this pass, this peak-building pass, when I come to the crotch of the beads, instead of skipping over in a decrease, I will add two gold beads, as I did on each other point and crotch in the line. Thus will begin a third set of peaks.

I can make that new mountain range any height, any colour I want.

Zigged Wing in process; adding a third peak, Kate McKinnon CGB Vol II 2013

I’m planning a sort of snap-together box clasp for it- I’ll fill in this triangular section completely, and snap the matching unit on the other side right into it. I like the soft plastic dressmaker’s snaps for this, as large as I can fit on the piece.

Zigged Wing box end in progress, Kate McKinnon 2013 CGB Vol II

11 thoughts on “Zigging along

  1. It’s fun to see how this piece is progressing! Your zigs and zags seem to stand up on their own early on. Does this have something to do with using Nymo instead of Fireline?

    • Hmm. I can’t speak to that, as I have never used Fireline for even a millimetre of beadwork.

      The Zigged Band, if properly made, and with good tension and out of the right sorts of beads, will begin to stand up and zig immediately. If it’s done out of slippery beads and a loose tension, it might take many rounds before it assumed the position. : )

  2. Kate, are there all increases in this and no decreases. Each point has the 2 gold beads which forms increases. Do you FOLD the piece at the increase in the direction you want it to point?

  3. Luverna, why don’t you try a small swatch with all increases, and you will see that they form themselves. Swatching is, as I always say, the only way to really understand. I do hold them in the way that I want them to go, but beyond that, the beads simply do as they are told. Increases will point either up or down, depending on how you handle the beads.

    If you want a pattern, the Zig-Zag Tulip from Volume I is the same idea.

  4. OK, I’ll do a swatch of all increases. Previously as in you videos, I’ve done 1 inc, i dec and so forth.
    I assume you mean the zigged parrot tulips. I will do a swatch of ppgs 157-160.

    • Yep, those guys! But even a swatch of two or three points will show you all you need to know about what double increases feel like. If you point them up and down, as I did, you can make lovely wings. Or horns. Or really anything at all. : ) You will like the Fortuneteller bangle when you get to it.

  5. Soft plastic dressmaker snaps? I’ve looked for years…where do you find them? Love the book and finally worked up the courage to follow directions. I managed to make a triple wing ring so next I’ll go for a bracelet. So many splendid works of eye candy. Thank you for the huge effort you put into this book!

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