Pitching change

Bill flew home today, bringing nice weather back with him. As you might imagine, I’m thrilled. And it’s always great to have nights when all four of us are at the table, it makes us feel all warm and nuclear. Wyatt, who is deeply in love with Bill, is also overjoyed to see him.

The day finished warmer and softer, and the boys and I made some headway in the garden; four big leaf bags full of tamped down trimmings.

Many years ago, before I understood the Swamp Situation, I foolishly planted climbing ivy, an ORANGE TRUMPET VINE (for God’s sake) honeysuckle and a climbing rose. It sounded like a great idea to me, but I didn’t know jack about swamps. As you might imagine, any one of those four plants can eat an entire house, but the trumpet vine is the most persistent. It was only a lucky fluke that I didn’t plant wisteria…


I battle it all back every so often, armed with extra Sudafed and long clothing. Today, I uncovered an entire hillock of spearmint and my Arcosanti windbell. Score!

It is a true statement that in just one good summer, our house could disappear under a mound of flowers and ivy, only the chimney sticking out, and then nothing.

Tomorrow night, Patti Smith in Chicago, and then, bliss, home to Tucson. Lumens! Swimming! Stars!



Soon, the boys will be out of school for another summer, swimming in the pool with me. We have absurd races; I no longer win without tremendous effort.

4 thoughts on “Pitching change

  1. Miss Fish is totally adorable! She has the face of a storybook cat. Have you seen “Puss n’ Boots”? We saw it on a plane coming back from Maui. It’s hysterically funny with Antonia Banderas doing the voice of Puss!

  2. Miss Fish and my Taz look alike. Taz loves the red spiral binding on your book, I have to hide it!!!

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