out like a lamb

This day is going out just like March should, right? Out like a lamb.

I think the rainy cold grey bit is over for now and perhaps a sunny Spring day is up for tomorrow. Which would be excellent. I couldn’t really tell my blues and greens apart today so I switched to the red side of my beadwork.

What I could do was take great cat pictures. Wyatt, who is always pleasant, was so focused on something outside that for a minute he looked like Secret Service.

Wyatt Might Be Secret Service

And Liam is still cogitating on Benedict Cumberbatch.

He drew a lot of his looks and then roughed out a sketch with Watson. The finished portrait should be excellent after it settles out in his head.

sherlock and watson by liam mckinnon

7 thoughts on “out like a lamb

  1. Hi Kate,

    Liam is is very good. Can’t wait for the new episodes of Sherlock. I am going to miss Moriarty; I loved the way Andrew Scott played him.

    You are a natural and do such a fabulous job on you videos! I hope that you do more. Lighting was perfect, camera work spot on and just a pleasure to watch. I have watched them all many, many times!

    I had a hell of a time joining my sample rickrack strip. I am serious when I say that it took me as long to figure out how to join it as it did to bead the stinkin’ sample. I just didn’t know where to stop and add the spacers etc. to get the right count. I was embarrassed for myself! I just could not wrap my head around it. I finally figured it out, but it was such a long and traumatic process, that I am sure that I won’t remember what I did when I do my next piece.

    Loving the book….thanks!

    • Oh, its just the same as joining the regular Band- don’t torture yourself by doing it in a crevice, though. I like to start my Zigged bands a few beads into a side so that my join won’t be in an awkward spot.

      You did see the join on the MRAW video, right? It uses two spacers and two RAW unit beads, and they go on in three separate moves.

      Moving left to right (how I bead): add spacer and top MRAW bead, pass down through right hand edge MRAW bead, add bottom MRAW bead, pass up through left hand edge MRAW bead and top MRAW bead, add final spacer, reinforce by passing through several RAW units in band.

      If you try to do it at an increase or a decrease (which is silly when you can just plan or choose not to) then you have to substitute 0 or 2 spacers for 1 of those spacers above.

  2. Thanks for responding Kate and thanks for the further instruction.

    Yes, I watched the join in the MRAW video and had no problem with the join. I can’t even remember where I did my join on the Zigged band or why it was such a struggle. Will wait a bit and try again. I am working on the Tinyhorn Bangle now and am excited to start on the horns very soon.

    • You will find that if you do it in a straightaway it is identical to the regular MRAW join.

      If you ever get stuck again with a Band start that was at the end of an excitement when it really would have been better in the middle of a run, just unbead a few units from your start, so you can get past the next thrill before you settle down and join.

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