the ferryman


It was a good day to be a Bryan Ferry fan. The Gatsby Situation (whoever is in charge of that crazed film) released a video in which it is possibly revealed that Ferry oversaw the recording of the entire soundtrack. Or part of the soundtrack. I’d like to know. What I do know is that I’m going to fucking love it.

Just fantastic. Check it out. LOVE EMELI SANDE IN THIS.

And I discovered a pretty recent interview on Aussie TV that I loved.

This is fun for me, it’s like when hiphugger bellbottoms come into fashion every 15 years and I can stock back up. It’s like all the Ferry I can lick right now.

2 thoughts on “the ferryman

  1. I have found that I do not love Baz Luhrman films, but I do love the soundtracks to Baz Luhrman films. I can’t imagine that, with Bryan Ferry onboard that this will be anything less than beautiful.
    I’m not long & lean enough to do hiphuggers, but I, too, have my fashion repeats. I’ve heard the “rule” that if you were old enough to wear it the first time, you’re too old to wear it the second time….but I’ve decided that’s bogus. If you feel good in it, then it’s right. (And I try to remember that sentiment & not think too unkindly of people that make me think “OMG! What made you think that was appropriate to wear in public?!?!?”)

    • Ha Ha! If anything hangs over my hiphuggers, I don’t wear them. Summer pants!

      I didn’t see Moulin Rouge, because I suspect I am not the target audience either. But I love Fitzgerald and hated the Redford casting, and I love Bruce Dern and he was all wrong too, and so the first Gatsby film just left me behind, despite the genius Sam Waterston. I might hate the new film too but yeah, I already love the soundtrack.


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