pretty day

Our house has finally achieved full English Cottage Situation, which is good. It’s the only one on the block with a little fence and a cascady garden, everyone else has the Lawn with Few Shrubs theme. It’s out of control, though, and we have to beat it back this weekend. The boys and I are planning to fill a dozen lawn and leaf bags with the trimmings of the first exuberance.

English Cottage Check

It’s pretty and Spring-Summery outside and Bill and I went out for Italian lunch, which was excellent.

The Dread Pirate Jasper is greatly enjoying having the windows open. The house in St. Louis is a cat-prison; they are not allowed outside. It would be bad for them, and they have no training. Simon and Miss Fish are different sorts of cats in a very different sort of environment, we live unfettered by convention in Tucson and they come and go as they please.

These guys, though- prisoners under house arrest. And don’t they know it.

Jasper’s nose is pink and twitchy, dreaming of the hell he would rain down on the squirrels given half a chance. Wyatt is under the bed.

Dread Pirate Pinknose

Tomorrow Rocket Man becomes Space Man and he heads off for a space music festival in Marin while I hold down the fort.

Rainbow Tunnel

I like it that he’s off to have some fun, get his space on.

We must get out there and live life.

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  1. Those are all incredible space music artists. I like Steve Roach and Michael Stearns is one of the original trailblazers of spacey sounds. Nice.

    • He is having the time of his life. There are panels with all of the musicians in the mornings, and then music all afternoon and evening. He says his mind is permanently expanded, such beauty.

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