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Wings - Hornz, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork sample layout, Kate McKinnon, 2012

I’ve been getting some nice reviews for Volume I of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork in lately from people with a lot of experience in the beading world, like this one from Roseann.

When I received your amazing book I became transfixed by page after page of incredible creations. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I was overwhelmed initially by the seeming complexity of the projects but when I delved a bit further, I realized that the simplicity of your basic instructions encourages a beader to become creative instead of being restricted to exact counts, etc. After 20+ years of beading which includes years of classes and a library consisting of beading books & trade magazines, your book has quickly become my favorite! Thank you for freeing my inner beading muse!

This really warms my cockles, because while it’s thrilling to hear from beginners “Hey I can do this!” it’s deeply fulfilling to please people with a lot of experience. Especially when their first reaction is to have their socks knocked off, and their next one is to say, “Ah… of course!”

I’ve had emails from pros and long-time bead store owners (and they have well and truly seen it all) that say “you’ve woken me up” and “I’d fallen into a rut, and your book made me feel like a teenager in love, my head is exploding with ideas” and I’ve heard from people who say that they are architects or engineers, and are completely absorbed in the structures. People are loving the innovative thread paths, the idea that all of the possible ratios in the world exist whether we notice them or not.

Underskirts, by Kate McKinnon, CGB Volume II, 2013

Beadwork by Kate McKinnon

My threadpath videos on YouTube are slowly spreading across Terra like a tasty, tiny virus, and I plan to shoot an entire series of them for the eBook. The Introduction for Backwards Readers has reeled in hundreds of Backwards Readers who came to it with a huge “Hah!” of laughter and appreciation, reading backwards, So far things are going very, very well, but I am still facing down a pretty serious amount of work by year-end.

When I get home to Tucson, after another week of family and flowers, I’ll be dismantling my big studio (I want to be much, much smaller) and having a huge web sale, as there is another big wave of expense coming; production costs for Volume I have now been met, but next up is the Souvenir Calendar printing, and then the press deposit is due for Volume II. Its an astonishing commitment to make the entire project on my own, but based on the place the work is finding in the world, and the appreciation that people have for the spiral binding, the USA printing, the many advantages that come with not following the same old formula, I know for sure that it is an investment of time and resources that is going to be well placed. Have you pre-ordered the second volume yet? If not, it’s good timing.

Jean Disrud, Fortuneteller Bangle, CGB Vol II, Kate McKinnon 2013
Fortuneteller Bangle, Jean Disrud, CGB Vol II

There are only two beautiful Treasure Boxes left in the Shop– admittedly the most expensive, but also the biggest and most fabulous. I have a great empathy for tight budgets, as I run one myself, and I did make a nice assortment of three books, a Ring Calendar, a set of postcards and a Japanese cake eraser for $75, which is quite reasonable and includes autographs and gift wrap, if appropriate.

Click below to go to the Shop, or, if you want to simply help spread the word, which has huge value, share any one of our links, photos, or videos, and it will be hugely appreciated! To date 100% of our marketing has been by word of mouth or our blogs or Facebook page, and that’s pretty fabulous. Just clicking “Like” on a Facebook post puts us a bit further out in the world. Amazing!

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5 thoughts on “Great reviews!

  1. I loved the part about feeling like a teenager in love! I feel like that too! So today will be my first crack at the book. We’re going off island and I’ve thrown the book and some beads in my purse to occupy myself on the ferry. Again, the size of the book is perfect!

  2. Kate, would it be OK with you that I write a blog post about the book? Obviously extremely favourable as I love it, and true to my nature of starting from the back, my first project is a cone.
    Jenny, Brisbane, Australia.

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