it’s the future

It was a pretty day here, no rain. Bill and I went out for Blue Plate at the Farmhaus ($10 a person, includes a salad and a glass of tea, eat what they make) and did a bit of exploring along the way. We were looking for flowers, and turrets, and scenes with plastic deer.

Witness: Magnolia.


We have a new baby elephant at the St. Louis Zoo; I abhor the concept of zoos but also recognize the importance of preserving species… but zoos break my heart and I almost never go. A baby elephant, though… tempting.

baby elephant

I’m working on a new Zigged-Wing that is meant to wrap, which means my start is going to be about three feet long. I’m half-way through. But while doing it, I had a great idea. Always, ideas come when I am doing, not so much thinking.

Virgin made a very successful test of its double-plane and adorable little space-ship today, very groovy. Click the link to have a look.

2 thoughts on “it’s the future

  1. Yes, you nailed it—ideas come when we are DOING! Thinking is fun, too, but doing not only provides food for thought, it provides a type of blank slate. Doing distracts from the type of thoughts that try too hard to be thoughts… don’t you think?

    Gosh darn cute baby elephant, yes.

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