Sunday adventures

Today we went exploring, as a) it finally stopped raining and b) our friends Steve and Bette were in town and c) ALL of the dogwoods, redbuds, magnolias and tulips are blooming, and the rhodies and azaleas are about to go.

Rather lovely, if you like that sort of thing.

Sunday dogwoods

People who are lucky enough to own plastic deer have put them out in their yard.

Sunday Plastic Deer

I’ve always wanted to live in this building. Bill says that they almost tore it down but the usual group of heroes rescued it from the axe/dozer/ball.

Sunday Cake Building

Bob Cassily, one such local hero, is sadly (being dead) no longer on the case of salvaging what cannot be saved; the Pevely Dairy building is the most recent thing that’s been pointlessly reduced to rubble, when all around it, huge swaths of already available land sit useless.

I hate it when people knock good things down. Happily nothing is threatening Powell Hall and the Fox Theater. We don’t have Symphony tix this trip, as Robertson is out of town. It’s just not the same without him. Nothing is, frankly.

Sunday Powell

The Moonrise Hotel, below, is another groovy Loop-saving place from Joe Edwards. Loop-extending, more like. For a long time the Thai Cafe was the sole bastion across Skinker, now there is this and the fabulous Pageant (a music venue) and the Pin-Up bowling alley.

Sunday Moonrise

On the top level is a rotating moon and some kind of cabana-bar, but it remains stubbornly damp and cold here so no goings-on up there at this time. Soon.

Sunday Rainbow Zoo Power

Above, Steve, magnificent on a colour-changing staircase, and below, Bill and Dale Chihuly. The whole building is full of art, space-ish and spare and perfect. Eames chairs, simple glory, Star Trek Pez dispensers.

Sunday Bill Moonrise

The great City of University City City Hall is an oft-photographed monument because no one can believe how many times it says “City”. An interesting note is that today one of the stone lions had an active wasp’s nest in his mouth. The stuff of myth, right there.

City of UCity City Hall

Sunday Lion and Wasps

6 thoughts on “Sunday adventures

    • grrr? Sorry! The lions just brought back memories (really good ones in so many ways) when the Lions at the Art InInstitute wore huge Bear helmuts as the Bears were chasing into the Super Bowl, even The Chicago Symphony Orchestra stunned the audience by playing a mindblowing Bears Fight Song! It was crazy days…Chicago actually was a sports town, big time!
      Even MJ’s gone, he was married over the weekend in Florida.
      One of my biggest regrets, never watching that man up close and personal, live. Poety in motion…
      Still can see those lions…

  1. Your photos make St. Louis appear to be a city with lots of beautiful buildings and wonderful art.

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