rainy soft cool

I finally made it to the Heartland (how odd to have to struggle to it, but sometimes I do) and to my delight both boys were in the car with Bill, even though it was midnight.

They’d been downtown, to a Cardinals game, or at least 2/3 of them had. Bill took this photo of Evan in front of the Arch. He’s wearing a parka because it’s ass cold here. Definitely not winter, but definitely not warm.

Bill said it was brutal at the stadium; I told him it could always be worse; he could be at a Cubs game.

Evan and the Arch, April 2013

It’s hard to imagine having such a beautiful thing in view at all times; I think I might go mad from exhaustion. And confusion. Because everything it symbolizes is notably absent from much of what surrounds it.

One day, perhaps, St. Louis will re-occupy the beautiful downtown, and the people in khakis  will come in from the Far West Suburbs, and the McMansions will be eaten by vines, and river squirrels.

. .

The dogwoods are blooming, very nice. Tulips, too, and daffodils.

I’m going to start some fantastic beaded piece today. I don’t know what it will be yet except I’ve kind of got my heart set on red and white, with golden underskirts in size 15 rounds.

I really have no idea whatever about what might happen to me today.

It’s a lovely feeling.

2 thoughts on “rainy soft cool

  1. Kate-It is a horrible day in the heartland, cool, damp…but…by next week my redbud will be in full glory along with dogwoods and wild phlox. I do love this area (I live by the arboretum in Franklin Co), but have to agree with the city/burbs issue. The city is struggling to get it’s act together without much success. You forget to mention that not only do the burb folks wear khaki they all have a golden retriever. Anyhow….anytime you are here, you are welcome to come sit by a clear creek that is beautiful, walk in woods with trees that are majestic, and observe a plethora of wildlife!

    • Oh, it’s kind of pretty here today, but damp, very damp. I smell every basement in St. Louis, a delicate, horrible undertone mixing with the tulips.

      I’ve watched this empty downtown for over 20 years, it hasn’t really changed a bit. It’s a wasteland down there, except where/when it isn’t. The buildings are all so well-made, though, that they will likely still be there when people get a grip.

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