My, there is such a wide range of people in the world, isn’t there?
I admit to strong preferences.

I’m grateful to say that I have a massage at late lunch; I hope it smooths briefly from my consciousness the various distractions with which I am besieged. Also, perhaps the muscle relaxation will temper the tense mind I have about leaving summer, which only just began. Shortly I am on my way to the Midwest for well over a week; I’ll be thrilled to see the Wolves (all five of them) and extra-thrilled because we get to see good friends, go to a baseball game, and, greatly anticipated, I have multiple nights in Bill’s arms, needless to say this will be bliss.

Some huge piece of me is howling at the sky, though; I want to crash against some gate somewhere, go back in time and tear summer free three weeks ago.

It’s surreal that on the day the pool will finally crack 80F, I get on an airplane and leave.

Arizona summer sky, kate mckinnon, 2010

I’m taking lots of beads; I hope to envision, start, and finish a spectacular piece on this trip, to make up for it.