hot finally hot luscious hot!

Snakebridge Tail

It’s finally summer, I weep with gratitude. Today the pool reached the highest point this year, 78 degrees. Still a bit of a shock, but climbing neatly. Nothing is going to stop it now, we are on exactly the right side of the rollercoaster.

I swept the last of the dust storm off down to the deep end, backwashed it, brushed down the sides, kissed it, swam in it, splashed in it, brushed it again. I am a fool for the pool; it’s like a phantom limb, never out of my mind, a stand-in for warmth and strength and air so friendly that a sundress is all.

I’ve got a lot going on this week. To say the least. My friend Jay said, “trust your rhythm”, and I thought that was good advice.

Many wonderful things are happening with the book, but they are happening so fast it’s hard to keep up. And the honeysuckle is filling the bedroom with a scent so intoxicating that I can think of nothing else.

Except: LIZARDS! Everywhere. I think I saw Alexander two days ago (his tail is pretty unique). This guy just appeared today, greatly enjoying the lair in the honeysuckle I created with, I must admit, lizards in mind. Those toes…

Fuck Yeah Lizards

2 thoughts on “hot finally hot luscious hot!

  1. I’m “green with envy” for the honeysuckle smell. Oh and how I understand that you are kissing the water! I can imagine the feeling of joy.

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