bird antics

The Baronet and his lady are drinking from the hummingbird feeders; this alone was shocking enough, but now all of the finches are doing it too. WTFF? I’ve seen the Gila woodpeckers do this before, but cardinals? They have such stumpy beaks.

This is not the Baronet, this is his father, the Red Baron. What a grump! You can totally tell, just look at him.

The Red Baron, visiting from Tony's Evil Oasis

The Baronet, on the other hand, is a goofball, very friendly, a bird for all seasons, almost never rude to other birds and very solicitous of his pretty pretty ladybird. Their nest is in the oleanders along the west side of my house. Lots of birds nest there.

The Baron’s pad is across the alley to the back, the south, and he lives in Tony’s Evil Oasis. Tony waters like a mutha and he has a grass lawn (if you don’t know the desert, you don’t know how naughty and shocking this is, in Tucson people generally only do it in their back yards, where no one can see) and a freakload of fruit trees, flowers, you name it.

It has occurred to me that I’ve built a serious oasis myself over the past few years, one that is also approaching the dark side waterwise. I also have a freakload of fruit trees, flowers, vines, veggies. My focus this summer is on greywater- shower, kitchen sink, washing machine- gotta get it all out to the yard so I don’t run the hose too much. I’m also hoping that the additional shade I’ve put up will result in less heat in the house… I’ve got a fantasy that I’ll be able to keep the AC off until Bill and the boys arrive in mid-July. I think that if I didn’t have anyone else to answer to, I could keep it off forever.

I had a lovely day, featuring a surprise lunch with my dear friend Kate Drew-Wilkinson and a lot of forward motion.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Kate D-W and a strawberry


8 thoughts on “bird antics

  1. The Red Baron looks to be the epitome of an Angry Bird, lol! Lunch with a dear friend is a wonderful thing, and a rarity in most of our lives, I think – at least as a regular occurrence. Yay for the two of you!

  2. Your tip for nuking the bird food made it possible for me to bring in the beauties for their visits. Many thanks from me and the many birds. Today the hugely fat robin was here for a while watching me thru the front window, as the 6 inches of snow fell in St. Paul. About the same time the whole cardinal family came,looking for a meal, which was under the 6″ in the back yard. New inquiry, how do you take those wonderful photos without scaring everyone away? I would have to open the kitchen door and the storm door to snap photos and that is too much noise it seems. Do I just have to wait till I can keep the doors open all the time? Up here that may be in June the way the weather is going. Is patience is the answer?

    • Yes, I keep the doors open all of the time. All day, all night. Plus, I sit out with them, so they are used to me. I work in the garden, I am the one who fills the feeder, I talk to them, I call to them, I shoo away the cats if they are being annoying. The birds know how I roll. They aren’t worried about ME.

  3. I have never seen a bird scowl before; what a hoot! Don’t you love their personalities? Your yard looks like heaven.

    • Maybe he’s just like that cat, and was given an angry face. No, wait, I know him. He’s a complete dick. But because he is red and beautiful, I still want him. Disappointing! A strong point in his favor is that he had three nests of young last year; he is a cardinal-makin’ machine, going long and strong now for years.

      His wife, as is often the case with guys like this, is a sweetheart.

    • It’s really hard to know what they are up to, but surely they aren’t stupid? It might be this particular feeder design that’s letting them do it. This one is the favorite of every hummingbird, they will ignore full feeders of alternate design and choose this one, every time, so maybe it’s just the easiest to drink from.

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