language is a virus

Today is the last cold day of winter, or the last day of Spring, or the end of an era, or the beginning of heaven, or I suppose whatever we decide or are hardwired to feel that it is. The forecast here in the desert is for a chilly overcast day in the 60s, which is all some people ever get and as much as many people ever want. My time, however, is coming and coming fast, because the hot stuff is inescapably right behind it.

The unseasonable night-time lows in the 40s will kick the pool back down to the 60s…this sucks and is highly irregular but I’m swimming anyway; whether I have to say to myself, “get in the water, maggot” or frisk in like a selkie.   The point is to do it, and not be deterred by weakness.

Thanks to my daily updates from Visual Thesaurus (a site I love so much I pay them $3 a month just because) I found a new word today, pertinacity, related to tenacity. It means “possessing the quality of being thoroughly persistent.” And I think I should start a band called Pertinacious K.

I’ve talked up the VT before; it’s meant for minds that visualize rather than index, and it looks like this, properly showing language as a virus, a structure, a thing reaching, a thing connected to other versions of itself:

Visual Thesaurus

If only I had something like this that crossed languages…

Today I return to cleanup and contemplation, with a heavy admixture of actions. My shipping is essentially complete; the Triangles Kits that went out yesterday were the final item in the massive exodus, and now I’m just sending new orders and replacing the occasional lost copy of Volume I.

Now that Volume I has been delivered, we have a language, and we can finally communicate. That’s really what the first book was meant to do, act as a Stone, so we can all talk about this way of seeing/beading/building. I can only laugh when people write in and say, “Will Volume II be any different than Volume I?”  What in the fuck do they even mean, I want to ask?

It is a question that sounds to me like “Is the sky orange Thursday bowling?”

Now that we’ve finally got the first book out to people, now, at last, finally, we can begin.

That’s my answer.