A real Monday it is

I can think of no more ridiculous circumstance than approaching a week with dread, but I am told that Tucson is expecting a replay of the Dune-class hot gusting wind/dust storm that we had a week ago, followed by another cold front, and the joy of that apparently will spread over four days. Simon has to go to the vet, I have astonishing commitments in general. The tail end of shipping continues, and it’s the part where I replace things that have gone missing or that I missed. For the week ahead, I must both gird my loins and relax; a combination that I find challenging. I am sending emails with no preamble, I must sequester myself so I am not accidentally rude to anyone as I go into hyperdrive.

Everybody is Going For Kyles Absinthe Spoon

So: up early, up often. Luckily Bryan Ferry is working hard too, delicately changing the words to the great Amy Winehouse song Back To Black, so he doesn’t have to say “dick”, which I find touching. Or find by touching. Whatever.

I mean, in a way it’s simply ridiculous that he did this, in another way, it’s beyond awesome, as is anything worth looking at twice.

It’s like being the 63,000,000th Terran to watch the new Psy dance video. Why? Why not?

2 thoughts on “A real Monday it is

    • Poor Simon. Poor me. He got bitten or scratched a couple of weeks ago (probably by Miss Fish, I am sorry to say) and unfortunately it didn’t go his way. He has to go out in this godawful wind, too, and I’m sure he can tell that I am unsettled. It’s hard to scare up a zen frame of mind for him but I’ll do my best.

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