Go see it. Take your kids. Take someone else’s kids. Take your racist grandmother, your sullen teen, your redneck uncle.

The first time I choked up during this movie was when the entire Amphi High baseball team filed into the theater, in uniform, coming in just as the previews were starting, the kids fitting themselves into slots in a pretty full theater.

AP photo, Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey


Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey, AP photo

I really really really like stories where hard work pays off and jerks get what they deserve and courage wins out over cowardice and cliqueishness (how I loathe clique-mind) and I especially like those stories if some of the ideas slide in sideways, without words, and of course when people love each other so hard that they can do things that they never thought they could.

And I sure do like Harrison Ford. And baseball. And vintage suits and stadiums.


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  1. My son and his girlfriend saw it Friday afternoon and said it was terrific. He said it is terrific from start to finish and if you’re not moved he questions whether you have a soul. I love that this is coming from my 16-year-old with a wide-open mind.

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