So close…

Three TriWings, beaded by Dustin Wedekind and Kate McKinnon

I think I am at the point now where I can clean up my dining room, and my living room, and take a few hours to unbox the rest of the books (the ones that will feed me for the next year while I write the second volume) and maybe look out into the next part of my life with clearer eyes.

I’d feel stupid if I really ever told anyone really honestly how hard it is to run a huge project like this. I’ve whined around the edges, which was undignified, but I must tell you that I really have no idea how I got through it shooting straight, or how I paid for it all, and I’m frankly impressed by how good the book is. I’m so glad I stuck with it and spent the extra six months of life working with the Edit Team to make it sing. Wonderful Edit Team. I’m writing them all today.

I’ve just got a few problems left to sort out, not many at all, and I’m going for a massage this afternoon (a gift from Doriot, thank you!) and then a friend coming for a visit tonight and the Jackie Robinson movie tomorrow. Pretty sweet. Maybe someday the weather will really heat up as it should and I will be able to relax, and bead, and simply be.

I look forward to the exciting future.

Speaking of that exciting future, I was touched to see that Ferry added Another Time Another Place to the set list for this Fall; it was the only thing I asked him for. I’m not even sure why I wanted it so much, I just did. In my excellent Ferrydream last week, he said, when we parted, “See you in Oxford, I have a surprise for you” and then a few days ago I saw the setlist.

Another time to spend
Another place to go
Another love to share with you
Deep emotion springs from this life and wells up inside
Quick, pick me up and pour me over
The clouds crying by

How soon we fool ourselves
How slow we tread
Astral planes collide head on
And on and on we glide
As if forever

This has been the longest winter of my life, personally, practically, meteorologically.

My favorite line in Quartet (which is not a comedy, but an affirmation of absolutely the right sort of existence) was when one old man, sticking up for another old man’s right to smoke the occasional cigarette, said “How much extra life would he get if he never smoked? A week? It would probably rain all that week anyway.” How I feel. One should be practical, and make life as enjoyable as possible.

I’ve now got all of my thoughts on pre-ordering sorted out, by the way, and I feel confident enough about my progress on the second volume (and about the wonderful distributors I’m working with) to have re-opened the Volume II pre-orders to all lands.  Again, though, please don’t pre-order unless you don’t mind waiting until it’s finished. I’m not sure when that will be, Christmas or Easter, but I have a good start and a great layout, and all systems are a go. Click here to get on the list– I’m opening the Volume II Specials Page this next week with a bang.

Shops who want to pre-order- thank you! All you need to do is buy one copy, retail, so I can track you, and make sure you are listed in the book.  Please leave a note on the order form with your shop name and web site so I can list you in the eBook.  I’ll find out how many signed copies you want and invoice you for them when we go to press.

I love you, and I thank you, and I definitely have so much more to show you.

The impeccable Bryan Ferry

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  1. So glad that you have let Canada back in from the cold !! It ‘s cold enough here already. I feel so much better now ; ) .

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