A slow warming trend is lapping at our frozen toes, which is wonderful because by Saturday I would probably have died a bitter, cold, bent and celibate person clutching a roll of tape with cat hairs on it and wearily talking into a headset about clickable buttons.

want Power

I’ve finally checked a few things completely off of the list but the fact that most of them took 40 emails instead of 4, or a month instead of an hour, took a bit of fluff out of the party. However. My policy is always “Forward, no matter the cost.”  It’s a stupid and noble policy, but mostly stupid, and I cannot seem to affect or improve it no matter how long I live. I long for the transporter buffer, or a truly deserted island, so I can really think, but instead I live on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

I made the mistake yesterday of trying to correct a failed web reservation from the Arizona Shuttle Service (you can call them, collectively, A.S.S) and talked to one of Those People, the tertiary prongs of life; they are aggressive, and focus on things that may touch the issue at hand only like a Pixy Stick might touch another Pixy Stick.  My comment “I’m a local, and so my family and I can always use a shuttle coupon, if it’s easier than a refund” led to a ten minute discussion about whether my family had ever actually ridden the shuttle, as there was no record of anyone named McKinnon ever having done so in all of human history.

Suspicion was high, and customer service was low. Bill will laugh at this. We have ridden the shuttle a good deal, he more than I, and we could tell you many assorted freaktales about it.  I should go with this guy instead, he’d ride me to the moon for $25.

Heaven Sent

Off to a hot hot bath, to try to get my hands working again (my computer was like a block of aluminum ice this morning) and then, by God, back at it. Jean and I were laughing at me this week, when I said something like “as soon as I get all of this shipping done I can learn how to properly ship” and she knew just what I meant. But really, I am making great progress. And the tomato plants are growing well, and the book is getting great reviews.


3 thoughts on “meow

  1. I want to hug you, and tell you, “This, too, shall pass”, and “It WILL get done”‘ and “A hundred years from now it won’t matter”, and other platitudes to help make it better (yeah, right),. But mostly I just want to hug you!

  2. I love the critter photo: “Want Power”. It is so funny! And you put so many life things so aptly, like the “tilt a whirl” analogy. It made me think, “yup, that’s it. I’m on the “tilt a whirl.”

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