Persistence is really the only way I get things done. Whether it is finally having a dream about Bryan Ferry (he was very engaging and relaxed) or figuring out a problem, or communicating, or finding my keys or my jeweler’s scale, by God I keep at it until I feel that it’s time to declare victory and move on.

Sometimes I have to keep trying for weeks, months or years to get things to happen, sometimes they never should or simply never do. I’m sure people are still sucking up kiln fumes in metal clay classrooms, for example, and they’ll do so until every dollar has been sucked out of the metal clay market. I gave up on that one, because it became clear that no amount of persistence was going to get results. So I do in fact learn, I am capable of getting off of a useless plan and on to a good one.

But I’m pretty good about not giving up until I hit an actual wall. And even then, I’ll check to make sure there isn’t a secret door.

house on penobscot bay library bookshelf secret door doorway blue, photo by Peter Pennoyer Architects
photo/design, Peter Pennoyer Architects

I am being incredibly persistent about continuing to work on CGB. I get up at 5, and ship until about 10, answer email all day, post photos and discussions online, bead, work on Volume II, replace lost copies on Volume I, talk to my distributors, answer questions, arrange to photograph people’s work, schedule events, plan articles, write, take photographs, solve problems, explain things, and then endlessly return to mailing and shipping and signing and collating. Heck, I’ve spent months simply getting the book into the main US wholesale catalogue, and right now we have a big mailing getting geared up to go out to the bead stores of Terra. I’m working pretty hard on everything but beading, which is squeezed in around the edges.

I’m excited that it seems to be the case that this week I’ll be able to transition from spending the bulk of my days as a  shipping clerk to managing another team of Irregulars. But hopefully in between there will be a few days of just staring at the bird feeder and swimming in the pool, and finishing my first project for the Vol II Specials page.

The overwhelming feeling I have when I think about all of this is still being in love with the work, which is really where it all started and where I hope it finishes up.

It’s a great feeling, that kind of love.

Thank you again to everyone who has written a sparkling review for us, whether it’s just a few lines of email, or an article on the Intertubes. We appreciate it and each one of them puts us another square ahead in the Game of Life.

Layers in progress, Kate McKinnon 2013, CGB Volume II

beading in layers, Kate McKinnon, 2013

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