I wear your grandad’s clothes.

Jean and I went thrifting today after we had our nails done (photos for the Specials page coming up…) and we found some great things.

This tin, for example. Can anyone give me an insight into what’s going on here?

Confusing Tin

There were books we didn’t really want, like Cooking Through Cancer, Corporate Interiors, and Pornogami.

book 3 book 4

And pets we did.

Sugar Gliders and Your Sheep

Or at least we THOUHT we wanted a rat, a sheep, a ferret, a chinchilla, a hamster, a leopard gecko, a hedgehog and a  Sugar Glider, until we saw this great video on why one should think twice and three times before getting a Sugar Glider.

And it made us worry that maybe the sheep was impractical as well.

14 thoughts on “I wear your grandad’s clothes.

  1. I’ve never even heard of a sugar glider. They sound like particularly difficult elderly cats. And probably deserve wonderful lives outside, where ever they come from.

  2. I still dream of sugar gliders and the unfortunate incidents that would happen if I was foolish enough to ignore the excellent advice in that video and own one.

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