JoAnn Baumann made a beautiful Horned Bangle, and I had the pleasure of photographing it for CGB Volume II. It’s exciting to have beadwork flowing in, a steady stream of it; opening the mailbox is always a thrill. What will be in there this time?

Jean and I had a lot of fun looking at all of it today, talking about the evolution of the huge variety of forms. We also had a good long talk about the sometimes delicate balance between simply letting things go out into the world and evolve vs. sticking around near them and trying to track or credit their provenance.

JoAnn Baumann horned bangle, CGB Volume II

Each of us feels the same way; the best thing ever is to see people beading, to see their excitement, and everything else should ideally be secondary to that. Jean’s been really encouraging all along, from my first struggles to make a Power Puff (my God, it took me so long) to my final weeks of getting CGB to the press.

So much beadwork has gone through my hands, and then so much more beadwork has come before us, before all of us. I’ve tried to keep a good history of who did what, who made what when, which pieces haven’t been shown yet. The tray of beadwork I’m packing up and sending home right now is massive- there must be 100 pieces going back to their makers.

I’ve been (heck, I’m still) petrified that somehow, something would slip past me, and I’d publish an error, or step on someone’s toes, or get the lineage backward, or any of the many ways a person can go wrong while working with hundreds of people. It’s an interesting transition now to try to step back and let it all happen. It’s like… a manual adjustment to my head. My overloaded head.

JoAnn’s bangle is a cool one for me- aside from simply being fabulous, I think JoAnn and I were making bangles at the same time, and making essentially the same shape. Same snaps, almost the same counts.  Wild.

JoAnn Baumann horned bangle II, CGB Vol II

Hers has neat open sections on the big Horns, and mine has Underskirts, but they are definitely family, aren’t they?

Pagoda Underskirts

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  1. both bangles beyond beautiful. I love both. And I love how JoAnn added teardrops, so playful. And I love that yellow-grey combo. I have tubes with those colors on my desk waiting for time. There are many color combos waiting for time.

  2. I have been lusting after this pair of yellow Fly London Shoes for over a year, finally ordered them, and at my favorite boutique I had recently purchased a very cool grey dress/coat for spring. Those colors have been in my head for a while, just had to go to my stash find them for this cuff!!!!!

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