I am the Kate of March Past

Humorously, the person I was last month answered all of my today questions. That doesn’t happen every day, and it was very handy.

How did I pull this off, you ask? It was simple. I listened to the podcast interview I did with Mandi Ainsworth three weeks ago- it just went up today.

Back then, let me tell you, I knew what was what.
Kate Hat Red Web

Also humorously, Mandi used the photo of me in the red wig for the entry (taken by Doriot in my back yard) and so I visualized every answer coming out of that siren’s mouth, and it was heady indeed.

I heard all about our open source project, why we were doing it, what it had meant, and I was swept away anew by my own recounting of the excitement of the realization of the concept of scaling the ratios of creation down to maquettes of glass in suspension and then wearing them to the damned Opera.

Listen here if you like, or click the photo.

3 thoughts on “I am the Kate of March Past

  1. love this interview! I think that beads are like fractals… and yes, you actually already answer your question about “own design” and quote the book ;-)

  2. Just listened to the interview. Great job! As one who continually speaks of being “math-challenged” your words encouraged me and reminded me that math is life. I always preferred “word algebra” (philosophy/logic) to numbers… so “bead geometry” is working for me. Thanks for continually encouraging beaders around the globe. Thanks, too for your insights, your ability to speak and write clearly and for SHARING! It’s that whole kindergarten thing about caring and sharing. Let the words of encouragement, whether your own or those of the beading community surround you and lift you up!

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