time is slipping past

I woke and rose at 5 am this morning, like pretty much always, except in midsummer, when I get up with the sun, whenever that is. 4:30… whatever. I’m all over it. Then I siesta in the pointless part of the day, the mid-afternoon. This is assuredly as the Lord intended; rise with the sun, work hard, have a beautiful lunch, sleep for hours, make love, and rise and play hard. The perfect life. I’m missing only one key component in the  equation:

Bill on the Bridge

It’s one of those days when time is slipping, as Steve Miller would say, into the future.

Some days, time seems to almost stand still (I love those days) and other times, it just eels through my fingers and is gone before I had the chance to kiss it hello, much less goodbye.

It’s OK. I think I have in fact been living fully (I know that many good things got done this morning) but it’s just been like when you are walking on a familiar road, and your head goes somewhere, and you arrive at your destination refreshed and with little memory of the journey, but you hope you looked both ways before crossings.

With the matte teaching copies going out to our Team today, and Helby now on the job (yay Helby!) for our wholesale orders, and our matte teaching copy samples going out to all of the awesome bead stores we can think of next week, and summer finally here, and the pool finally almost really swimmy, and I finally found that mouse from November, almost everyone having their book, maybe, just maybe, OMG, possibly I can stand down a bit.

In fact, I believe I feel it happening at an amazing rate. I credit the digging in of the tomato bed and the filling of the hummer feeders. Now I think I’ll go put in the new plants, and spend a few hours shipping things.