lovely warm warm days

It’s nice to be able to put on a baseball game, and feel the warm air, and open a bottle of Coppola pinot, and try to empty out my head, because there is WAY too much in there.

Geddy Lee threw out the first pitch for the Blue Jays’ home opener tonight, and he threw a strike, which is badass. I remember when I went to see a game in Toronto with my friend Cynthia, Geddy was at the game, and they showed him on the monitor, and I was like, “Is that Bono?” Shameful.

Geddy Lee First Pitch

Admittedly I feel very amenable to the concept of time now that winter is over. Now, I want time to slow down and flow, I want to revel in the fact that the first wave of my project is done and delivered and awesome. I don’t want to rush anything. A good hot summer with very limited commitments should fix me right up, like a hot bath, but on a much longer timescale.

Today, I took an hour in the early morning to double-dig the tomato bed, putting coffeegrounds and eggshells down at the bottom, digging in a couple of bags of potting soil into the dirt, raking it smooth. Tomorrow morning I’ll put in the plants, put up the ring-frames, the birdie netting. And I’ll clean and fill the hummingbird feeders, and send out new orders, and tie up vines, and divide geraniums, and go grocery shopping, and keep up with my database, and draft our Bead Shop letter (we’re sending out free samples of our lovely Matte Teaching Copies) and answer my email and vacuum the floors and go swimming and take a walk, and start the photography, so I can start sending some of the Volume II beadwork I’ve been enjoying home.

That is, after Jean Power gets to see it all on Friday.
: )

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