I think the last carload of sacks of mail (other than normal order-shipping, which of course I hope continues at a steady pace) is going to the PO today. Too fabulous for words. I am now completely out of energy, money, and stacks of things on my tables, which is in some ways perfect and beautiful and in another way translates to an action item. Expect a Shop update in a few days.


After all of this correspondence in the past year, I find myself even more enamored of lovely nice people than ever, and even more committed to being pleasant myself. But I’m also committed to having less chitchat in general; I hope to sink into the beadwork this summer, and make a lot of my own work for Volume II. I didn’t have as much beading time during Volume I as I might have liked; when the concepts were in development, it was more a matter of creating and describing the basic forms, and I had to leave the explorations to others.

Regarding correspondence, I am especially happy when people take the time to write and tell me what they liked about the book, what lit up a problem they’d had, what gave them new ideas or solutions to ongoing problems they’d had previously. We’ve had a lot of wonderful reviews, and right now, all over the world, people are beading away like busy bees. Be sure to let us know what you think, show us what you make.

The pool is even warmer today than yesterday, by fractions of a degree it creeps upward, and the days get longer, and the creatures in the yard more numerous. The mockingbird, so excited at Spring, has settled down and is no longer singing all night long. I saw a new cardinal in the yard; a young male, not the Baron, not the Baronet, not Freaktail. I look forward to his acquaintance. The bougainvillea has begun finally to leaf; the Desert Willows are all fully alive, but no mandevilla shoots or Desert Spiny lizards yet.

No doubt they are waiting for Jean Power, getting their rest while they can.

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  1. Hurray! Glad you could get it done before Jean’s arrival. I wish you a wonderful time with her. And vice versa of course.

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