Every. Single. Thing.

If there was the slightest crying in baseball I would have cried as I switched all of the 50 Aussie orders into new packaging today, and redid all of their Customs forms and paid another $4 per package. Lord. Then I shipped all of the hundreds and hundreds of UK and Canada Swag envelopes, to find that instead of the $1.40 they were quoted by the last clerk, this one demanded $2.86 and $2.20 each. As with the Aussie packages, one clerk doesn’t give a flying fuck what the last clerk told you, and you helplessly look around, trying to figure out how to find someone better. But, sadly, everyone agreed. I was stunned, like a fish.

I love my wallabies, they are the sweetest people on Earth. I would repackage them all three times, and fill out another set of Customs forms I love them so much.

OMG OMG Australia UK Canada

Anyway, expensive day.

I have taken solace in spicy spicy Thai food and a spell sitting with the birds at the feeder.

The great news? EVERY SINGLE THING IS DONE. Every question answered, every order databased, every Vol II order letter on the way, every lost book replaced. A few stragglers are still arriving in Canada and the UK, each of whom have mail services that move like molasses.

Can I just repeat that?


Now, when I sell just 250 more books, I will have broken even on all of the book costs, and will begin to actually earn a living. OMG! What a concept. 250 books is nothing to a big publisher, but then they have to sell about 10,000 before they crack a profit.

I prefer my scale. Now. Who needs a book? Or a pre-order for Volume II? (pre-orders are US-only until we get closer to press time, but it isn’t because I don’t want you to stay involved. It’s just because I have to keep it manageable and not get scary surprises like two postal increases…)

Or… perhaps… a CALENDAR? Great news on that front- my dishwasher is not draining properly, so Russell has to come back and fix it. Can you say Model Release? Calendars pay for books donated to libraries, bead societies and public schools and are available for shipping worldwide.


17 thoughts on “Every. Single. Thing.

  1. Kate I am so happy for you! You should be proud of what you have accomplished! I hope all the packages and envelopes have a successful one way trip into the loving arms of their owners. The calendar is next on my personal wish list ;). sure hope Russell signs the release form!

  2. Many congrats on an EXCELLENT job, now fully executed!!!!! My heart extends to Tucson, my hand raises a glass to your awesomeness! How can it be that I only met you in 2010? I feel as if it has been CENTURIES.

  3. Those postage rates are horrible. What a bite. But it is finally time for you to relax and enjoy the fact that you are one amazing woman!

  4. hurray!!! congratulations Kate, you have been magnificent.

    and yes, for Russell modelling, two times yes!

    • Oh, the most I think I can decently ask for is a model release for the photo I already shot, now that I know that his woman objects. But still. That one shot is magnificent. Who needs more?

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