6 thoughts on “who doesn’t love a squirrel?

  1. I have been waiting patiently to tell someone about the squirrel that I hate. The squirrel that I hate ate the apples, every last one, from my Honey Crisp apple tree. I had been nursing my tree along, hand polinating some of the very few blossoms, watering diligently, despite the world drout, and that dratted squirrel came and stole every last apple. I lavashed love on that tree for 4 years. I took photographs of its slow development and even lured singing birds to entertain my apple tree. A cardinal family too. Now what should I do? Spring is creeping up and with luck I can start planning the demise of my squirrel and the baking of the worlds best apple pies. Maybe in the land of 10,000 lakes I can take the squirrel water boarding. I’m open for less violent solutdions. Thank you for listening. Ruth

    • You should be smarter than a squirrel, which is a tall order. I don’t see how you can realistically expect to compete with one. People net trees whose fruit they don’t wish to share with birdz and squirrels, right?

  2. I DO. Twice I had them inside the house, the damage they did………… One of them was a flying
    squirrel. Had me out of my bedroom 3 nights till got cought. As for the damage in the garden, they try to eat the canvas pool cover. They ate all the figs, tomatoes as for the tulip balbs every single one hundred of them and the lilies. I can set them all on fire and don’t feel guilty.

  3. Ha Ha! I enjoy the antics of the little rascals, but how well I can relate to you two!

    We used to have one that deliberately put our fence on his daily itinerary so he could taunt our St Bernard. He’d get on a tree and swoop down at him, waving his tail in poor Norm’s face. If only that squirrel had known that Normy just wanted a sniff, they could have been friends.

    …and the ONE time I managed to get some tomatoes going, one of my foster cockers developed a taste for them. Green. I caught him in the act, so proud of himself for discovering this bounty of delightful snacks. What could I do but laugh?

    • The cardinals LOVE cilantro and will eat it down to the nub, so I plant a whole plant, just for them, and it’s by the feeder. So they leave mine by the kitchen alone. Squirrels, however… they don’t negotiate.

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