pretty things

Today is perfect for tomato planting, overcast and mild… but I have a bit more shipping to finish, as was foretold in prophecy. Happily, I’m almost done. Also happily, the tiny tiny handful of people who were simply horrible to deal with have all been dealt with. I have sworn to forget them and am aware only of citrus blossoms, which is excellent.

All of life is a refinement, and as Bryan Ferry says, the next time is the best time, as we all know.

3 thoughts on “pretty things

  1. Glad it wasn’t too many people. Love the rixy music/ Bryan Ferry stuff
    Saw them in 1976 in a small place in Cleveland and a local dj worked hard to get them there. Unbelievable. Had every album. Love it when you play them. Especially for those that don’t know the music. They were beyond cool
    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Kate, hope you are well!!! Yes, there are ALWAYS some freaks out there, just forget them. I can’t wait for my book to arrive; my kiln totally broke yesterday and there is no freaking way I can afford a new one for at least a year, so seed bead time for me… xx

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