Still at it

I continue to be strapped to the Shipping Table for another long day. I can’t look away while any book is still unsent; any email unanswered, any plaint unmet. Sometimes I wish I were the kind of self-centered fuck who could go for a spring hike  and not think at all about the people waiting patiently (or not) in my Sort This Out folder, or the Mangled Reshipping pile, or the Returned, Forward Expired pile, or the set of six things that the labels got ripped off of, or the orders that mysteriously vanished from my ship list yet are neatly filed in the “Databased Orders” bin. Or the letters and swag to the UK and Canada. I can’t forget about any of it, not until it’s all finished. I say to myself, One More Day, One More Day, as the days stretch ahead. But I really think that Two More Days and I’ll have this licked.

I console myself with a long-haired Bryan Ferry, who wants to be my only, and I stop every few hours and go on the runaround (around the yard that is). And as usual I want less Brian Eno and Moar Bryan Ferry.

On the whole, the Postal Service did an amazingly fabulous job, shipping thousands of things with only about 25 errors, and about 20 of those were just one machine that didn’t like my recycled padded mailers.

I distract myself by enjoying the great reviews that are piling in, and the amazing beading that others are doing. Soon, Jean Power will be here, and I will drop everything and bead and swim and hike around and be ridiculous, and drink exciting cocktails. I have one more week to finish this work.

Here, distract your own self with this amazing Sea Dragon from Barbara Briggs, a combination of the excellence of lizards, the elegance of bees (taken to a Fullerish hexagonal situation) and an evolution of the Golden-Horned Sea Serpent, from the book. STUNNING. I want to add a tiny row of horns, but that is only because I was just admiring a Horned Lizard posted by Allison Shock.

SeaDragonWristWrap_Variation_TritonSeashell, beadwork by Barbara Briggs from CGB, Volume II, 2013

8 thoughts on “Still at it

  1. Kate, we two are conscious beings and cannot rest until a task is finished. I can’t stand procrastination and I strongly dislike ambiguity. I love resolution, everything in its place, and all in a state of well-being…then I breathe a sigh of relief and feel all is right within my world.

  2. Kate, love the fact that you’re such a diligent post mistress <3, but I will be glad when you can have your life back! Seems so unfair that you must continue to labor so hard to put things right while the rest of us are beading guilt-free. At least you also get the joys of the mail too! You get to play with the glorious beadwork as it comes in (Barbara's Sea Dragon as an example). Looking is great but being able to look AND touch has got to be absolutely heavenly!

    • But they are boxes for people I love, like you, one of those waiting til the last for me to finish up.
      : )

      I don’t have Barbara’s Sea Dragon, in fact now that she has shot on white I may have zero excuse to get them in my hands at all, more’s the pity.

    • That is 100% the idea! My God, if I had worked in a vacuum on this project, it would have been only what I myself could generate. Just think what would be missed… missing…

  3. Mine arrived in Canada on Tuesday… I’m in love with those Japanese erasers… They are so cute.. I’m still trying to figure out what to try first!

  4. I working like crazy, crazy, crazy so that come Thursday I can fly away and we can look back on the crazy journey and shake our heads with laughter and bafflement

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