because I’m not very clever

I am now absolutely convinced that I will finish every aspect of shipping and scoutchecking Volume I tomorrow. This is a dangerous state of mind, because extreme grief could follow if I am not in the freaking garden Saturday morning at 7 am, and if I think I am sure to finish, it’s probably a sure sign that I won’t. But I think I’m right. Anyway, who cares. I just have to keep doing it until it’s done.

If I had a lick of sense I would be wearing this excellent piece by Kim Boeckman to help me out. It’s here… I could be.

Kim Boeckman, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume II

When I swam today, it was one degree warmer, and I felt it and it felt fantastic. I spent an exciting 20 minutes weaving vines this morning, before work, and I dreamed of the things that I would do.

I’ve got to finish this work up (and lay out the calendar and work on the eBook) because I need to get busy on my Sheriff costume, to attempt to arrest Bryan Ferry in Nottingham.

ferry at breakfast

I like the way the vines in the shot seem to be tendrilling onto Bryan. Can you blame them?

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