Things are blooming

It’s freaking gorgeous here. I am so happy to be in Tucson right now, with summer on the way; there are no words to express my joy. I am about the only person here who can’t WAIT for it to get seriously hot. I love to really broil, like at least 90F. I am going to swim, and bead, and write, and swim, and bead, and take gorgeous photographs. ALL SUMMER LONG.

All of the citrus are blooming now; Spanish lemons, Meyer lemons, Minneola Tangelos, oranges, and a little Limequat tree named Eustace that may or may not be happy in its location.

A cute little bee on a navel orange flower,

Bee and Navel Orange flower
Dianthus, in a pot,
hot pink dianthus

Carolina Jessamine, by the pool,

Meyer lemon, on the patio,

Meyer lemon

The potato vine, by the gate,

potato vine

the flower I always forget, in a pot,

potted flowers

and the honeysuckles, all of them except the Cape,

honeysuckle 2 honeysuckle

and the lilac bush.

lilac bush

Thankfully the Desert Willows put out some leaves (I had feared for them, with the lows in the teens) but oddly the bougainvillea is still pretending to be a dead clump of sticks. It makes no sense; it must be about to burst into flower any second.

No matter what happens to the vine, the huge news is that the pool is OFFICIALLY over 72F. I was too busy to swim today (boo!) but have promised myself a good one tomorrow, and every day after that.

73 F

I cleaned all of the bird feeders, watered all of the plants, kissed all of the cats, stocked up the fridge, and spend about 8 hours shipping about 100 things today. Two more days of that will put me right.

one day of shipping

9 thoughts on “Things are blooming

  1. Oh, to be outside in the sun with flowers everywhere! Last year at this time our midwest prairie plants were emerging and the Red Buds were ready to bloom. This has just been the winter that won’t quit. Lucky for you to have escaped St. Louis!

  2. The red one in the pot is a kalanchoe. One of myfavorites, they are always happy. They are all beautiful.

  3. Well happy spring to you !!!! I have to sympathize with your family in St. Louis though, you guys got a bitch of a winter there this year. It wasn’t that bad here in Toronto this year. Glad you are back in Tuscon and blooming again.

  4. I’m so happy that it is spring there finally. We head out on Thursday for 2 weeks in the warm!!!!!

  5. My big excitement came when I looked out to the back yard and saw my mouse seed diving, tail wagging up in the air, head down through he snow drift, looking for food. I thought it was the house mouse, gone, but no, it was the yard mouse. PHD House mouse knows how to delicatly dine from the little “dishes” in the the mouse trap, without setting off the trap, and licking the trap spanking clean. UUggggggghhhh. On to the dreaded poison. And then the new orange polka dot pee patterns in the carpeting. I have been trying to borrow a cat. Any suggestions?

    • I’m not a mouse killer; I can’t fathom using poison, but then I don’t really live in an area where anything infests. The Hav-a-Heart trap works a treat, I have never seen a mouse tiptoe out of that one, but perhaps yours has extra mad skilz.

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