stupid winter

There is a lot of snow headed for St. Louis now, and I’m spastically trying to get out of town ahead of it, so as not to get stuck here until Monday. That is just not an option; I must get back to mailing books and they are all in Tucson. Flights tonight are completely full, but I’m going to go to the airport just in case. I have to try.

I loathe winter… have I mentioned that?

I distract myself with ephemera… process shots from our extra-sunny photoshoot, taken by Ryan Anas. Below, Doriot and Kyle work with Larry and Tessa.Bright Tucson Sun Brown Hat Ryan Anas

Doriot and Kyle in the Barbie Coach, after shooting:doriot and kyle web

Ocean and Kyle and I, up at Gate’s Pass:Ocean Photoshoot Ryan Anas 2

And a photo of Sailor Bri, in Boston. She graduated with honours stacked on honours last week, and is now a member of the crew of the USS Constitution. I’m really proud of her!

Sailor Bri in Boston

4 thoughts on “stupid winter

  1. Ah, Kate, this too shall pass… keep on persevering… but don’t get stuck at that airport, either!

    Your Bri sure has your 1,000 megawatt grin!!!

  2. In St. Louis now. So glad I flew in yesterday – snow is fast and furious and quickly piling up. Dinner at Guido’s on The Hill last night – wonderful – menu is half Italian and half authentic Spanish cuisine. Hope you made it back to Tucson yesterday.

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