cold cold cold

It remains ass-cold here in St. Louis- the high yesterday was just above freezing, with a bonus thin wind. Thankfully there are robins and cardinals and peeking crocuses and daffodils. A bit of sun. Any indication of warmth is welcome; it’s been five days of freeze here and my hands are stiff again. Tomorrow, thank God, I have Bill back, and I can kiss him for a while, and then get the hell out of these bare trees, this freezy air that hurts my bones, the khaki and the traffic and the Provel and the white skies, and back into the warm bliss of the garden and the pool. I can be puppy again.

I might even have some space for my own head in a week or two. Just the thought of it is overwhelming…

Evan and Jasper

I say, “Jasper, show me your butt”, and he does, but only because he loves Evan that much, a position with which I sympathise entirely.

2 thoughts on “cold cold cold

  1. While at the Fox on Sunday, I realized I had “lost” your blog. It has been almost a year…. Any way, it was a mess driving back to Knox Co. that night. Hopefully it will be more spring like soon. Your blog was a part of my daily reading for quite a while and now I shall resume reading. Good luck and congratulations on all your endeavors…..

    • Nice to see you! I lost a few that I was reading myself when I switched from Safari to Chrome, and the handy visual Favorites page disappeared. Chrome is really missing that piece.

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