My OMG meter is spiking out

So Bill called me up from Houston tonight, and told me that he was proud of me, and the hard work, and the beautiful book. He said, “I’m quite pleased to be associated with you, my love.” And I melted.

Christina Vandervlist at That Bead Lady's  Book Launch party and workshop, March 2013

And Ryan and I saw a roadrunner on the way to the airport on Saturday, and I about died with happiness.

And I thought that the flowers that Christina’s family sent to her for the first book launch party were about the most beautiful flowers on Earth. And Christina is such a lovely person. And I was slayed by watching Captains, William Shatner’s little film of interviews of fellow Star Trek starcaptains. (Stream it on Netflix.) I wept through half of it. We got another hundred rave reviews today, and I was verklempt at each of them.

It’s possible that I need to dial back my OMG meter a little bit, but it’s equally possible that my life overflows with beauty, and that everything I look at is in fact as amazing as I think it is. Either way. I’m happy, and thankful.

9 thoughts on “My OMG meter is spiking out

  1. You are a very lucky and loved woman, I kinda melted as well, what wonderful words, what a good man.
    We are also so lucky to know you and to, as I have, to actually met you.
    You are a one woman band whose music outplays even angels.
    The book is exceptional and makes my mind melt away to a place “far, far, away”. It’s such a wonderful, quiet place and I thank you.
    Nothing stops you, you have a goal and you get there. You truly are a Brave Heart and it is my privilege to know you. I’m a lucky girl, you are you, like no other and a talent with no end and hold on…I can’t imagine how you can outdo yourself, but you will.

    Thank you for your hard work, perseverance and such an amazing book. I don’t want to leave out your team and all their hard work as well.

    I consider myself so lucky to own this book and will always be grateful for such mindblowing work.


    • You darling. Thank you.
      You saw all of the work, the tough times birthing this project… and isn’t it stunning that in fact, amazingly, the adventure is now only beginning? I just sort of realized that today. As people all over the world get these books, we’ve just multiplied the team a hundredfold. And then those people will share, and more people will come, and they will share…. and wow. I can’t wait.

      Bill was so kind to me during this project, as it went on and on and on, and I spent so much extra time away from my family, deep in pages, refusing to release the book until it was right. Both he and the boys just kept saying to me, “It’s OK, it’s important to get it right after all of this WERK.” I have the best people in my life….

      including you, sweet stuff.

  2. I’m so glad you’re married to such a wonderful man. You deserve every happy bit of OMG along the way! I don’t know if you realize what your book , and the way you created it, has done for so many others.
    And, yes, the adventure is only beginning for all of us!

    • No, you are right, there is no way to realize what might be about to happen! But I’m getting a sense…. a sense that other people are feeling the exploding wonder and flood of ideas that knocked me on my ass a year and a half ago. Just think of how this could spiral into the future…

      And you are right, Bill is a wonderful man, a good person, a manly delight. Sigh.

  3. I feel so fortunate to call you friend. You have the ability to create magic wherever you are. I love that the books and Schwaaaag arrived the day I flew home from Santa Fe. Nice to relax and look at the lush pages and dream of finding the time to play with the designs. Stellar job!!!
    So nice to have a husband who can still melt you and two lovely, smart boys.

    • And I am humbled to have your love and friendship. And I am so so so glad you love the book. Kiss Jasmine for me, and maybe a Meyer lemon. And let’s plan the next adventure: The Great Seed Bead Summit of 2013: SAN DIEGO.

  4. What a beautiful picture for this entry…the gorgeous bracelets…the flowers…the beads…the sweet smiling face! It’s a wonderful representation for your book. I just received mine and the cigar box of goodies. I didn’t know which to open first, but decided on the book and then couldn’t wait to get my hands on the items in the cigar box! I’ve had a great day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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