very loud men in khaki pants

Ah, the Heartland. I have got to find some way to reorganize my head, because I started off from my very flight in (the worst possible- from Vegas) already 100% sick of very loud men in khaki pants, women chewing gum with their mouths open, plastic fences, plastic nails. Their voices pierce my brain, making me long for something smooth, real, and sleek. Van Morrison is a frequent antidote I employ when in this zone, to soothe my ragged receptors.

It’s cold and rainy here, too, I’m shut back up in a house with a heater on. It is lovely to see the boys. It was lovely to see Bill. The cats are adorable. I repeat these like mantras. I love my family. My cells scream in the background, omg, omg.

If I stay in the upstairs bedroom here, so I can only see the sky and the trees, and listen to music and work, I can forget myself a bit. Bill’s gone now, gone all week at a meeting in Houston. The week’s plan, which was vastly looked forward to by Liam and I, was to get Liam’s driver’s permit today so we could practice all this week of their Spring Break; it was not to happen. Paperwork was not in order; we need an original of something we only had a copy of, the original is locked in Bill’s office at Wash U. So our plan for the week…. no go. Liam and I are both disappointed, but there is nothing we can do.

And I ran out of books here today; I brought an entire suitcase of them, all I could carry with me, and I’m out of them already. I replaced a couple of orders that got returned to me in Tucson, sent some new orders, and got about 1/4 of the way through everything that came in in the last two days, and that was that. I am powerless to ship any more books until I return to Tucson next week. It’s going to be a looong week on my email and a longer wait for them if I need to re-ship. We must all breathe a bit, and anyone who is waiting should email me for the password to the complimentary eBook, and get busy with some beading! The entire book is available NOW, and the PDFs can be read on any computer, tablet, IPad, eReader, or mobile device.

7 thoughts on “very loud men in khaki pants

  1. AHHHH! Tupelo Honey…a big fave of mine…thank you!
    I feel your frustration…but maybe this is a sign to relax and take it easy….enjoy your boys!

      • I’d do that too… lol. And do other things I’d never done before. Buy a Qi-Gong or Tai Qi DVD. maybe you’ll hate it. But I promise your week will pass by in a wink. Sending you warm vibes to ease your cells.

  2. When I was teaching my daughter to drive, I’d take her to the college campus during off hours. Like a little city in itself, but without the risk of getting busted by actual city police. Worked well.

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