Avoid Backing Up

Avoid Backing Up Whenever Possible

I am in no danger of backing up at this point.

In fact I am already rocketing ahead to the next destination, at the gate about to head off to St. Louis for a week of love and boys. And running cleanup on the Volume I shipping. I have two huge suitcases checked (thanks, Southwest Airlines!) containing almost 100 pounds of books, envelopes, postcards, Smarties, packing material, so I can make sure that anyone who still needs a book will get one sent or re-sent in a timely manner.

I really wanted to be done with all of the shipping and such by the time this trip rolled around, but the wrapping of the books took about four extra days. Crazy.

So three suitcases.

And one tired but very happy girl.

THANK YOU to everyone posting glowing book reviews on Facebook and the blog. I can’t tell you how much all of us who worked so hard on the book appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Avoid Backing Up

    • Christina Vandervlist is a delightful and extremely beady human being. I don’t think I’ve ever known a bead-mind quite like hers. She brought so much to the book.

      I’m sure that she would love to do a signing at BeadFX!

  1. I started at the beginning for a while and then zipped to the end. Both fantastic, with much more to slowly devour. Love the red spiral as it allows the volume to be very hand friendly and the page weight is fingerly communicating. Did I buy a gift book and would it have come with the treasure box? Vol. I is so delightful, I will sign up vor Vol.II. Thanks.

    • I’ll be back to you shortsly on your box! Some of our extra copy orders did get sent in separate envelopes, which was silly and not our intention. There were simply So Many Envelopes that we’re sure to have some oddball orders come up.

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