spinning around the sun

We did so much yesterday that I don’t know if I can even remember it all. Luckily there are PHOTOS. I’ll catch you up later, but may I just say that Kyle Cassidy is a genius and a gentleman, that Ryan Anas is love on Earth, that Doriot Lair brings both brains and beauty, and Dustin Wedekind must be one of the most gorgeous models on the face of the Earth. And thank you Ocean for coming out to the desert with us last night. And thank you Sandy for letting us borrow your amazing son.

I have to get moving now- we start again in just a few hours, and there is Much To Do before the first click of a shutter. Happily Larry Gatti is coming over this morning to model, along with his wife Tessa, who I have not yet met, and Rayo Boursier is coming in as well. Lucky us!

Dustin with Kim Boeckman cuff and Allison Shock mug

Above, Dustin wearing one of Kim Boeckman’s new Horned Bangles, which happily looks just right with Allison Shock’s coffee mug.

Below, Ryan Anas, wearing my Red Queen (King?) Crown. Both shots by Kyle Cassidy.Ryan Crown

We saw the COMET last night from Gate’s Pass, and got in a great photoshoot while we were doing it.

Below, Kyle, Ryan and Ocean.
Kyle, Ryan, Ocean, Doriot and I went to see the COMET!

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  1. Dustin looks great!! We miss him in Colorado. The book is sublime. You have me dreaming in all sorts of colors since looking at it. It truly is a work of art!! Thanks for working so hard to get it right. Will be ordering Vol 2 soon.

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