This day was made of complete and utter win. Something like another 600 books left the house; more than half of those went with Dustin, who will be assembling and mailing out over 300 of the single copy orders. It was beyond great to see him, and to look at the book together. I have a little piece of my brain that stands in for Dustin, and I consult with it, but it can’t beat the real thing. He thought the book was beautiful, and well done, and I’ll sleep extra happy tonight knowing that.

Amazingly, I think I can finish tomorrow. We’ll see how much trouble (if any) the remaining 300 foreign orders give me; I’m using the USPS Click-N-Ship site, and maybe everything will be easy as pie and maybe it won’t. At any rate, though, whether they take me a half a day or a day and a half, I can now say that almost assuredly every single thing will ship by the end of the day Monday.

I have never owned an umbrella, being as I am from the Wild West. But when I saw this one from Five & Diamond, something changed inside me. I blame/thank Kyle for the link.

Five and Diamond umbrella



5 thoughts on “win/win

    • He’s fabulous! He comes in and out of the mist, apparently appearing only when truly needed. I’m hoping to shoot him for the calendar, next week, as well.

  1. I totally love that umbrella too… Awesome. Happy to know that you had such wonderful assistance and that he is doing fine.

  2. After unearthing an astonishing 7 umbrellas during this archaeological dig (aka move), I didn’t think I could possibly want more. Until now. Oh, and it’s conveniently raining, although I can imagine this one in the sunny desert! Brilliant!

  3. Well, it is time to dig out that ole rain dance album. I know that the word cruel will offend you, but you just are!! You shouldn’t do that lovely overhead thing to a compulsive shopper. It is a good thing that I have already purchaced my book and calendar, and I forget what else. When I look at the accumulation of things that I have beaded, 99% will go beautifully with my “new” brella. Thanks again.

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