Good Lord, this is a lot of books and parcels and envelopes and boxes.

In addition to tomorrow and the weekend, it looks like I will still be shipping on Monday. I’m sore, but in a reasonable sort of way. I don’t think I could pick up one of the cartons again tonight if I had to (I moved and stacked 80 of them, at 42 pounds each, which is kind of badass if you think about it) but happily I guess I don’t have to. I’m just emptying the cartons out, a handful at a time, and then filling them up again (by the front door) with finished mail. But unnggh. Day 2 and I definitely feel it. I had a hot soak in a tub full of Epsom salts, and Bill said, “Magnesium sulfate in the water, it’s like Europa!” Cosmic.

bedroom lights at night

My bedroom always looks so inviting from the back yard. So pink and warm .

I¬†finished my day warm (it was almost 80F here today, glorious) and looking up into a sky sparkling with stars and planets…. Aldebaron and Betelgeuse looked particularly bright and orange next to Jupiter, glittering white. I wandered around the yard, taking pictures of the solar lights, trying not to think about our weather forecast, which has cold rain coming in for the weekend.

It almost doesn’t matter anymore, though, because it’s freaking March. Summer is inescapably around the corner. Today I saw a baby Desert Spiny lizard, and it did that cartoon thing when I surprised it, it sprang vertically into the air, went about a half inch up, and put all four feet out in the air. Sproing! And then it ran under a woodpile. But I saw it, and it was adorable.

Night Guardian

Solar LIghts in the B40The LED stars are really nice- they are stakes that I hung as a light fixture over the outdoor tub, and they change colour, slowly.


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  1. First of all, I love those LED lights. magical!
    The post office always advertises that they can pick up packages. Can’t you go online to get the postage, then call the post office to pick everything up for you?
    We can barely get a letter delivered to the correct address here. I now go to a tiny post office, ours is so horrible. They actually let customers go behind the counter to drop off their prepaid packages. Yipes!
    Save your back & give them a call!
    One day at a time!
    Be well!

    • Oh yes, they can pick up the ones that are pre-stamped or CLick-N-Shipped. THey are wonderful. But I can’t do everything online, there are simply too many. Some loads have to go to the actual counter, to a clerk. I know you have a really crappy postal situation up there, but here it’s wonderful, and the mail comes on time, and the trucks drive around in the nice warm air.

      Sadly the post office trucks can’t make all of the packages for me; each one is a pound or two, times a thousand, plus the big boxes of wholesale orders. Helby has been really random about getting ready to take orders for the book, so I’ve been taking the bulk orders myself. Help is good but I’m not assigning the package-making to other people, for every reason. You know how that can go…

      I’ll just do as many as I can every day til they are done. Happily it’s a joyful thing, sending them out. And I’m nice and strong.
      : )

      • A true Brave Heart!
        Just be carefull, one false move and Larry might have to move in…sigh…

  2. I’ve loved following the details of this whole book process. Be careful with all this repetitive motion and weight. Don’t forget to schedule a massage!

  3. Who needs a gym membership with the workout you’re experiencing…your body will need a well deserved rest when the shipping is completed. A few zen-zoned massages will be good and a martini or two can’t hurt either!

  4. Glad you are taking it slowly and not lifting all those full boxes. Don’t end up like me. I was badass in my youth, had a truck and agreed to help a friend move. Fucked up for life!

  5. Wow! What a workout! I love being just a little bit sore after working on my rock garden. I can really identify with the “40” pounders! Be careful, take can of you……very good for muscle tone!

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