What happens NEXT week?

We shoot the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork souvenir calendar, of course!

Calendar shoot, pieces from CGB Vols  I and IIThere are pieces here you will recognize, pieces you will not, and a whole other tray of things you won’t see for some time yet. It’s rather exciting, and yes, I feel like a Pirate.

The calendar is a limited run; it’s a project that will pay for the many free books that I donate to libraries and bead societies, so I run it and ship it and there aren’t many copies left over. If you want one, please order it before we print. Due to the slippage of the schedule with the delivery of Volume I, I decided to move the calendar shipping to the end of April, so there is a good month left to reserve your copy.

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6 thoughts on “What happens NEXT week?

  1. Wow! That picture looks like something that you would see at a Moroccan bazaar. I love all of the yummy colors and the bead work is just amazing. Great picture.

  2. One of the most fun blogs ever. Such good information and such excitement in your voice. I’m loving it.

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