Tomorrow, late in the day, the books come, and on Thursday, they start mailing out. It will probably take me two or three days to get everything on its way. I can only do so much in advance; I can get labels ready and stamp my address on the envelopes, I can sign bookplates and make postcard sets, print out letters. I can put together boxes….I can prepare the ground. But there are a lot of mixed packages, and people with extra stuff. There will be wrong addresses. Have you moved? Have you told me?

The packages will have to be sorted by zone, have the right postage, have the right things in the box, the right note on the postcard. I like the work, I like seeing each envelope and box and thinking of the person it’s going to, my intentions going into the package along with more physical  items.

Books are going out to the whole chicken; if there is a continent or even a country not getting one I can’t think of it.

Continents make a Chicken

I know that there will be many, many people who will love it, a very few people will be unlovable about it, a few packages will get lost in the mail or get stuck in Customs. There will be many emails, questions, and some people will get confused in the corners of beaded triangles, and swoon with bliss over their Fortunetellers and Rick-Racks and Helixes and Cones and Wings and Horns, and there will be people who can’t make their bangles to the correct size no matter what because they did not get a Bangle Sizer, despite strong encouragement to do so.  If you don’t have one yet, why not get yours now, instead of next week?

Bangle Sizer

Find them at your local bead shop, at in Toronto, or, shipping from the US. Or hunt them up on Amazon or EBay. Try searching for “metal bracelet sizer” or “bangle sizing gauge”.  Expect to spend about $8, plus shipping.

I was glad to spend an hour in Electric Larryland tonight… it’s always good to step outside of myself, to either remind myself of or forget what exactly it is that I stand for. I’m excited for the book. Hopeful that people will soar, that the sun will be sunny, that the moon will sparkle and the vines will bloom and the pool will be warm and  that the cats won’t kill any lizards at all this summer and that  people will understand our words and drawings, and that our shapes will spring to life in their hands, their minds, that they will make beautiful things and send them to me to photograph.

All I can really think right now is, “God help me.” But it isn’t a fearful lament or a request for assistance, it’s more a state of mind. It’s all a lot for one head and heart to hold. I’m happy. I want other people to be happy as well, especially if they are going to get all up in my situation.

Tonight, while I was floating in space, I listened to the Talking Heads live with Adrian Belew, whose guitar playing can’t really be explained, it can only be experienced. He’s like the pure stuff, cut with nothing. Best with headphones, or nice and loud. Download a decibel meter for your phone to make sure you keep it under 90, cowboy. Cowgirl.

9 thoughts on “rocket

  1. Your celestial comments reminded me that the packages will be arriving at the time that the comet becomes visible in the northern hemisphere. Looking forward to the arrival of both!! Ruth B

    • Oh, I would love to catch one of those shows. I was just looking longingly at the list of cities yesterday, trying to think of how to overlap with them.

  2. Where DID you find that graphic of the worldly chicken??

    Now I know you didn’t expect THAT to be the first thing mentioned, now, did you? lol..
    I’m always glad to help any way I can, you know that! Glad I could blog about your book, and forward stellar beadwork along…

    If you’re done shipping books, and have finished drinking Margaritas, Martinis or ?, BEFORE the weekend is over, I hope you take some time to do something other than work…perhaps you’ll hit your closets and go to the Renaissance Faire, or decide to check out the scene at the Scottsdale Arts Festival? Or just collapse in a heap, on your bed, for an “I did it!” Kind of deep sleep, when done shipping out Volume 1… Whatever you do, enjoy yourself!!! You’ve earned some down time, and then some!

    with love, oodles of “you go, girl”-type, welll-deserved, kudo-ish good thoughts and mental hugs,
    Lisa A.

    p.s. if you do make it out of the Tucson area and toward the above-mentioned activities, please let me know so I can buy you a drink!!! ; )

  3. I’m really hoping to see the CGB Facebook page turn into a kind of forum for people using the book, not just so we can see wonderful pics people send, but also so we can all share tips and ideas.

    If you’d feel obliged to moderate that page, I guess the thing to do might be to create a separate CGB ‘group’ on FB that folks can join or like or whatever, just set it free, and let it be a free for all.

    • It’s a bit of a problem to simply open the FB page to everyone’s photos and posts, because, well. For obvious reasons. I do want to moderate that page, because it is one of my living rooms. I want it to be pretty, to be neat, to have beautiful photographs.

      I am open to ideas about a CGB forum, but of course I loathe all Internet forums, because they turn into cesspools. And I don’t have time or the fortitude necessary to moderate an open site.

      I am open to practical advice…but it’s a bit of a snake and tail, thinking it out. The FB Group might be a good idea, but I’m still not sure that I would be willing to moderate it. I have such a small amount of discretionary time, I admit that my plan has been to pick and choose from the photos and questions that people send me, and post only the ones that seem to have benefit to a wider audience.

      • I agree with the transformation into cesspools of forums and would like to add that it is also true for FB groups, particularly if there is no moderation. No exception. In addition not everybody likes Facebook.
        I love what you do, the pictures you share, it is all quality work.

  4. I agree. It would hurt to see fugly work, advertisements, and other crap posted on such a page. Groups do seem to turn nasty for some reason, I admit I avoid them myself!

    You know what? I bet the answer will evolve on its own, as the book lands in peoples’ hands around the world.

    • That has been my attitude. I’ll be taking video requests, and will cross-post Q & A on both the Book Blog and the Facebook page, and I will answer all comments, as I do now. I think that will be all that I can manage in a healthy way.

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