Underskirts and such

Many thanks to people who bought Treasure Boxes! It’s greatly appreciated, and they sure were pretty. I think I’ve got about all that I can handle in terms of work this week and things to ship, so I won’t be putting anything else up in the Shop for a bit- this week is all about shipping what’s already sold, and next week is all about the calendar shoot.

Have a peep at my Pagoda Bangle, starting to grow underskirts. This will be the first pattern released to our Volume II pre-order people! Join the fun here.

Pagoda Underskirts Pagoda Underskirts II


6 thoughts on “Underskirts and such

  1. The colors are so sophisticated! And the structure………I have to make one of these soon. Or something on this order.

  2. Ship my goodies whenever you have time, I don’t mind waiting or being the last…I have so much to ship to family and know how overwhelming life can be. I’m just thrilled I have Treasure Boxes coming. I actually tried to show control, hah!, and when the second was still available, I jumped! Sorry if I was greedy, but…OMG! It’s feed the kitty and too amazing to pass up!
    Now all I have to do is find a street corner, trust me, I should be on some task force, I’d clear out the corner faster than a stink bomb!…but I’m happy! Kitty fund is filling up as well.
    Just don’t worry about shipping, okay?

  3. I love watching the skirts grow and will love it even more when my own is wrapping itself around my wrist! Ruth B

  4. Kate – How is Volume I different than Volume II. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Volume I. Pat

    Pat Rozman

    • It has different pieces in it- Volume I is the introduction to our ideas, and teaches the basic forms we developed- the Bellyband, the Wings, the Horns, the one-pass Rick-Rack start… the structure that allows layering… the Cone Stitch. TONS of new ideas. It arrives in house and ships this week.

      Volume II is in progress now, and will have more ideas, new photographs, and will take the concepts further. Too many ideas to fit into one head, one book… it’s really a huge amount of new.

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