Treasure Boxes

If you’ve been waiting for them, I’ve got six of the twelve Treasure Boxes up in the Shop now, and I’ll have the rest up tomorrow. I hope you find one that you love, if you’ve been watching for them. There are also two last Cigar Box bead kits available, and they are oh-so-nice. Also going in tomorrow are some odd delights like vintage French doll eyes, amazing cut stones from Gary Wilson, and some handmade metal. I’ll probably have the Shop pretty busy much of March…I’ve got lots to catch up on and still way too many things in my bead hoard. It’s just a battle to get down to basics, isn’t it?

The carved raven head bead in the Fur-Lined Treasure Box, below, is one of my favorite things, not to mention the thrill of a whole strand of Onion-Cut garnets. Yum.

Treasure Boxes in the Shop

4 thoughts on “Treasure Boxes

  1. Woohooooo….I absolutely love faux ermine! I can’t wait to make a cool beaded pendant with the raven’s head! And the onion-shaped garnets!!!! What a treat this treasure box will be!

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