The advance copies are in!

Four copies are here, and the book looks very sparkly and beautiful, and happily, winningly, despite being 250 pages, is still small enough to tuck into a bead bag. Or a beach bag, which sounds wonderful about now, hmm?

Humorously, the spiral is the perfect diameter to hold a tube of beads. I wonder if the ice cream eraser could plug the other end?

As soon as the full shipment comes in next week, I’ll have your copy right out the door.

Volume I is In!

23 thoughts on “The advance copies are in!

  1. I would like to be beading at the beach right now, as long as I can be under a giant umbrella :) So excited that the book is finally almost here!

  2. I like how the perforations almost continue the rhythm of the dots under title and even riff on the black pointy ends of the bracelet on the left!

    • Thank you! I tried for those! The dots are different colours, too. I keep being afraid I’m going to see a typo, like I spelled Contemporary wrong. My horror! So far so good, though. Mighty Edit Team!

  3. Be still my heart! Counting the days and hours and minutes until I open my mailbox and find….

  4. The red spiral is perfect! Can’t wait – I’m taking a vacation day to spend with the book as soon as it arrives!

  5. It looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in my hands. You are to be commended for your tenacity in finishing such a complicated work.

  6. I love the red spiral! Not only does it look good, it’s great when you have the book open- the pages are flat. Ba-zing! I did not order an advanced copy but just the same, I look forward to the flat pages on my desk. Thanks Kate !!!

    • Oh, by “advance copy” I just mean the couple that the plant sends overnight instead of on the truck. Authors usually get a copy or two first, before anyone else. : )

  7. Oh, Kate….. I’m speechless, and soooo very happy for you!!!! Can’t wait for my to come FLYING up to me, in Surprise!!!!!!!! (Heck, maybe I should drive there? LOL

    KIDDING…. but wait, if I can shuffle my schedule…? NO, I guess I can wait the extra DAY for it to show up, if I TRY…

  8. I can feel your glow here…snow is melting. You are as amazing as that red spiral!
    I’m so very pleased for you!
    Take a bow!


  9. Now I AM confused.I thought you were in cahoots with Jean Power.and Geometric beadwork. Obviously not, because I now have her book and I can only hope that I am on the list for yours.Is there any way to check please ?

    • Ha! I most certainly AM in cahoots with Jean Power, but we ended up making two beautiful and quite separate books, because between us (and the huge response from the beading community) we had over 400 pages of awesome. If you look back to your email of last September 6th, you will find my message confirming your order of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork- you will be getting a copy, and they’ll mail out as soon as they come in.

      Jean has a project in CGB, the Caldera Bangle, and of course was the designer of the Power Puff bangle as well- she was completely the inspiration for our explorations.

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