Tension is the great integrity

But I’m like a wigwam and a teepee, I’m too tense. If that UPS truck doesn’t come until late afternoon (the first copies of the book are arriving via overnight express) I might literally pass out in the foyer.

I had rather an exciting day yesterday, considering that nothing really happened. I’m nervous as a cat waiting for the bound samples. I mean, anyone would be. It will be my first real look at the finished book. It’s very much like waiting for a baby, which I have done three times. And this is my sixth book. It’s all very familiar.

This has been a particularly extended wait, though- a year and a half of work, and the press time of course made longer by me sending the plant back for another run.

What a crazed and beautiful project this has been!

Cate Jones Postcard

This morning, I sent an email out to Maria Cristina (one of our intrepid, beloved, talented Advance Beaders) and I included one of the pages from the book to clarify, and I looked at the page, and it was magnificent.

And I remembered the final read, at two airport gates and on two airplanes, and how much I liked it, how I laughed, and made things in my mind as I read.

And I’m hopeful. But I can’t take much more suspense. I realized recently that I don’t like the feeling at all. Life is so exciting all on its own; who needs fear added in?  I have plenty of thrill without it. My entire life feels like downhill skiing, a romantic novel, a seafaring voyage, a scrappy existence on the land, exploring new continents, charming savage beasts, making a movie of a Shakespearean play, a parable, or a medley that will never end, and a nap in the sun at a beautiful resort, with cats. I should watch a scary movie too? God help me. I don’t think so.

Cleverly, I booked a slot at Electric Larryland tonight, so I can forget myself and everything I stand for in the arms of the universe.

Sea Serpent excerpt from CGB

4 thoughts on “Tension is the great integrity

    • No, never for a bangle (which is a closed form). This is a page from a wrap piece, the Golden-Horned Sea Serpent. The Guide Round with memory wire helps it cling onto the wrist.

  1. Just looking at that page makes me want to drop everything and start one! Soon, soon.

  2. I’m with you, Deb!!! Must order more shiny silver and golden-ish, multihued delicas… These images fuel my addictiom to beads… These images envelop my mind… Can’t wait for the printed book!!!!

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