I’m slowly unfreezing

The temps are steadily rising in Tucson, which is a vast relief, but it’s still in the 30s at night. Maybe in just a few weeks my bones will unlock, and I’ll be frisky again. You know, everything hurts when I’m cold, and nothing hurts when I am warm. I find that very profound. By February, I can’t even turn my head, or touch my toes. My hips and hands ache like I’m elderly. In summer I can do anything, I feel supple, powerful, strong, Ninja. All I want in life is one sunny, warm room, a fresh market within walking distance, a bottle of wine, a few sundresses. If I’m lucky, my whole life will succeed in being that. I don’t mind if the one room is a succession of rooms. Who cares. I like seeing new places, feeding birds, sweeping the floor, waking up with the dawn. I don’t dream of winning the lottery. I don’t like Beyonce, plastic fences, expensive cars, or processed cheese. 

I do have plastic chairs, I have to admit this. They are blue, and are souvenirs of the time a friend called me, weeping, from Home Depot, saying “I’m sitting in a plastic chair, crying, and people keep asking me if I’m fine.” I said, “They won’t bother TWO people weeping in plastic chairs” and so I came over and sat in them with her. We laughed, and talked, and had such fun I bought the chairs we sat in, to commemorate the moment. Here they are:

a thousand birds

There are about a thousand birds in this photo. And I’m not even kidding. Hummers, finches, cardinals, towhees, sparrows, warblers, mockingbirds, cactus wrens, woodpeckers. We haz them. Soon our black-chin hummingbirds will be home for summer, so tiny, so zzzy.

Time Magazine has struck me since childhood as an organ of things like parents, Republicans, and the Establishment in general, but here I am linking to them. I love the photo spread on the six miles of new tunnels they are busily boring beneath NYC and Long Island.

NY Underground Tunnels, photo by PATRICK CASHIN / METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY, as published in Time Magazine

Photos by Patrick Cashin, for the NY MTA

2 thoughts on “I’m slowly unfreezing

  1. I’ve lived in cold climates for my entire life thus far (midwest and east coast – any wonder I have arthritis!) and am so ready for a warmer climate! If life were perfect, the economy would turn around and we’d be able to sell our house in a flash, and I’d start packing while I still have the strength. Until then, we’ll be snowbirds for a few weeks each winter and hunker down indoors the rest of the time waiting for spring to arrive! The only good thing about our winter is that it leaves one plenty of time to bead and hammer metal!

    • I point out that there is still plenty of time to bead and hammer metal when you aren’t hunkering down hiding from something. Winter steals a lot of time, all of the worry about the heater, my God, the heater can never stop working or everyone will DIE. And then the extra clothes, they take space and storage and fussing. So much compensating, fussing, dressing, undressing, paying. Meh.

      I bet a lot of people who ache would feel better if they warmed up.

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