Serenity Now!

I’ve just heard from our press, which is located on the East Coast; the blizzards that have grounded planes and closed schools and factories have also backed up freight shipping across the country. Our bindery actually had to close for two days, with over two feet of snow. Wowza! Trucks are moving again, though, and our shipment is now expected to arrive at the end of next week. No promises on the day; I must simply wait for the trucking firm to get here.

We may die of anticipation here at Team CGB, but winter is winter, and there is no arguing with a couple of feet of snow.

Unicorn in a Hamster Wheel, detail of a mural on Congress St. by Joe Pagac

Art by Joe Pagac.

2 thoughts on “Serenity Now!

  1. You see, the only thing to ever get in your way is another force of Nature. Perhaps she is giggling now. You can throw me into service starting 3/16. <3

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