As the weather warms, so does my mind. I have a lot to think about right now, and of course a lot to still accomplish. I’ve been doing scut-work in background, continuing to build the live eBook (slated for a Spring release) and keeping my order database current. Signing bookplates, making postcard sets… getting ready to ship Volume I, stuff like that. It’s hardly worth mentioning, just the normal work of the business day. I’ve done well getting organized, I think, and I hope I stay this way.

Hey- here is the Pagoda in progress again- you can see it’s given up both living as a stack of squares and as a stack of triangles, although it would have been more than willing to stop at either reality.

Pagoda in progress, beadwork by Kate McKinnon

I’m eager to hear my delivery date for Volume I– it will be lovely to not have an entire room full of envelopes, postcards, sacks of swag, boxes of beads.

I’ve decided on next year, not this year, for the museum exhibit- I’ll be working all of this year on Volume II, and I should devote myself to that. This means that I’ll be releasing all of the beadwork in the studio after the calendar shoot in March, and requesting submission for the travelling exhibit next Spring.

Have you ordered your copy of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork yet?

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  1. I never made one of these, I wonder what would happen if on the bottom half instead of making points just go round and round a few rows will that work? and what the resalt be?

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