It’s cold as fuck but sparkling blue outside, lovely in the sun. I went downtown to meet my friend Susan for lunch at the Little Cafe Poca Cosa.

Little Poca Cosa

Lunch was stupdendous, the music was loud (hey, I was the helpless victim) and afterward we walked up to Congress to pick our way through the streetcar construction (will they EVER finish and close up Broadway and Congresss?) to see Joe Pagac’s new wall art and have some ice cream at Hub.

I love our tiled skyscraper, and I wish the time and date still digitally scrolled around the edges of the top, like it used to when I was a kid. Yes! The sky is this blue!

I love our tiled skyscraper

Joe painted bulls this time, and this is as close to a bullfight as you’ll ever find me.Joe Pagac Bull 2013

Orange pants make cold days warmer, and make other people confused and/or happy.

joe pagac bulls

Luckily the angel wings and devil’s tail are still there. The bulls replaced the unicorn, though. Can’t have it all.

Today is the last day of winter; I have decided. Enough of this freezing and let’s get busy warming. No further forecasts in the 50s will be accepted as highs. If I see another one, I’m going to pull a Gaiman and get in the car and start driving South.

Here is a peek at what Pagodas and Horned Things look like when they are simply Winged things- it’s slow going, adding layers. And they masquerade briefly as stacks of squares. This is a full night’s work on the Replacement (on the right). The old failed cut piece (what remains of it, that is) is on the left.

Replacement Pagoda

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  1. ” Cold as fuck”, the first heard time I heard that was at work, still laugh my ass off at it! And I still stand by my first remark, if it’s cold, you are doing it wrong, just sayin’….
    Love the orange pants!

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